Code India Fellowship

We are proud to announce Code India Fellowship for Women with a strong technical background, to impart technology skills to young girls from rural India at our residential centres. You would be working on teaching them Python, ReactJS and NodeJS. If you don't know any of these technologies, don't worry, we would.
Code India Fellows will be placed at either of NavGurukul's campuses based out of Bangalore and Pune.

Our Fellows transform the career path of girls from underprivileged communities, and in turn transform themselves in leadership capacities and improving their technical skills.

Who can become a Fellow?

Code India Fellowship is an opportunity for a passionate hustler who is passionate about programming skills. She has the zeal to work for a social cause and inbuilt the capabilities of leading oneself, with the power of coding, into many other girls from underrepresented sections of the society. This fellowship is an opportunity for individuals from India's best universities, colleges and institutions who are passionate about teaching coding and programming skills.

During the fellowship, a fellow will be responsible to teach/mentor girls students at Navgurukul campus about coding and programming. A fellow will be responsible to foresee the growth and learning journey of students in achieving programming milestones.

Females are encouraged to apply and will be given preference as the campus is a female residential facility. Freshers, from different tech institutions/colleges, who are passionate to work in social sector are encouraged to apply.

What will be Fellow Processes?

A coding enthusiast looking to work for social impact sector, then Code India fellowship is an opportunity for those. This fellowship will entail fellows to design, innovate, lead and implement systems and processes to build the capacities and skills of girls in coding. Our fellows develop into leaders to impact the lives of girls and help them find aspirational jobs to live a financially & socially independent lives.
Processes which a fellow undergoes during their fellowship journey entails, Expert Mentorship, Self Development Sessions/Workshops & Boot camps, Learning Journey & Placements


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:-

  • Design and develop instructional material on technology subjects
  • Facilitate learning process and inculcate different technology skills in students
  • Evaluate, assess and grade student's performance and communicate the same with their parents on regular basis
  • Ensure stimulating peer learning experience among students
  • Maintain and manage documentation of student's progress, programs & interventions
  • Assists students to be market-ready for their placements


6 months and extendable upto 1 year


25,000 / month + stay at our residential facility (either Pune or Bangalore ) including fooding