Access to Opportunity

Our current college system has managed to create multiple barriers to entry for the youth in the form of test scores & high fee structures all of which require a certain degree of privilege.

Youth from humble backgrounds hence have a meagre access to aspirational jobs despite having the right mindset and the aptitude.

Current College System

Colleges as they exist today, stand disconnected with the Industrial reality. They are following curriculum set in 90s in the 21st century, ignoring essential skills like problem solving, critical thinking, etc.

More than 33% of college graduates today, don’t get any job. Many more work on sub-standard jobs where their degrees aren’t useful.

Employers' Dilemma

After filtering out prospective employees from high noise to signal ratio environments, employers end up with candidates who require extensive training. The six months training focuses on content that the students should have learnt in colleges, highlighting inefficacy of our college system. Such a process is not only expensive, but also leads to a lot of time delays and unpredictability for the Employers.

Use First, Pay Later
Students pay back to NavGurukul only if NavGurukul can get them a job with a minimum salary of 15k. The amount to be paid depends on their salary, and is paid in easy instalments removing any financial barriers. Eventually, we plan to pay students for educating them by using paid projects as training assignments.

Recruiting by First Principles
Current entrance examination evaluates students on skills like physics, chemistry, etc. which a student without access to quality education would find hard to qualify. NavGurukul uses first principles to define simple selection mechanisms, testing for the right blend of aptitude, attitude and 6th grade English & Maths skills.

21st Century Skills
To keep up with the industry and modern skills, we are using online courses available and augmenting the same with contextual examples relevant for our students. Students are thus trained on modern day technologies, stacks and soft skills like critical/creative thinking & problem solving.

Personalised Learning
NavGurukul’s emphasis on individual learning through technology and a full time facilitator ensures that no student stays behind. Industry thus gets access to first-rate talent without incurring high costs to find the needles in the haystack.