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Partnering with Navgurukul

Navgurukul offers a fully-funded skilling program in software engineering with guaranteed job to youth from low-income families. The program is for one year and is a residential course.

Our students come from different parts of the country and are the first person to get higher education in their families and communities, first person to learn technology driven modern skills and get aspirational jobs. The program and its pedagogy are focused on nourishing changemakers and free thinkers who would become the light of change in their own communities once they grow professionally.

When one person steps out of their community to achieve their dreams, she becomes an inspiration to many. Thus, at Navgurukul, we are committed to taking our program to as many communities as possible.

Our partners help us give access to aspirational careers to youth who want to grow but don’t have means to do so. Our partnerships are the backbone of our operations.

Our partners share our values, our partners share our impact.

Who are we looking for?

If you are an organisation or an individual who works with youth and/or in education, we have a great potential to collaborate.

Our partners motivate and inform their communities about our software engineering program and its benefits. They identify youth who could use this opportunity and conduct the admissions test for them if needed.

We support our partners in this mobilization process by understanding the needs of the youth in their community, offering them content for information sessions and admissions tests.

Once the students are selected with the help of any partner, we offer the progress reports of the students to the partner and help them share their inspirational stories in their impact reports and talks.

Partner Testimonials

We currently have 35+ NGOs, schools and colleges across India who support us in our efforts to reach out to as many deserving youth as possible. Many individuals become champions in their localities or workspaces to help youth around them know about our program.

Navgurukul is an amazing organisation, very futurist in its approach towards creating an aspirational and life-changing program from young people especially girls from some of the most socially and economically challenging back ground. We highly admire the value system, depth and sincerity with which they collaborated with us for an amplifying the impact.

Dhirendra Pratap Singh, CEO, Milaan - Be the Change

One of the lovely places for many to get an opportunity to build their career after the world and society dropped/rejected them saying that they cannot come up… candidates learn many personal characters like leadership quality, self-confidence, helping hand to one who in need, communication skill, team work… etc. my wife and I personally visited Navgurukul at Bangalore and spend some time with students and also saw them happily studying and very much active in all their given responsibilities.

Suresh G, Program Director, Hope Foundation

With NavGurukul, our students who wanted to become software engineers are now studying at their campuses. I sometimes talk to those students and they tell me how happy they are to see their dream of getting a good computer engineering education being fulfilled. The NavGurukul team, especially Surabhi, have been really cooperative in helping us conduct entrance exams and ensure outreach for our students.

Aditya Bose, CEO, Probano


Conduct a Test in Your Locality/Community

If there are youth around you who are interested in giving the test, you can help them take the test in two ways:

Online Tests

Anyone with a smartphone or access to Laptop/Computer can give the test online using this link: admissions.navgurukul.org.

Offline Tests

If you are proctoring the exam, we will send you the test papers. Once the test is over, you can simply send the photos of the answer sheet and the student information sheet to us.


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